A natural concern in your due diligence whether this diploma is worth it, is to ask the question about value for money. We emphatically believe it is and in fact are confident you will get a return for your money in short order for the following reasons:

1. You should get a tax deduction for this education - thus saving you 30% to 50% on your investment. However, naturally check with your accountant to ensure this is the case.
2. You can pay this off through the EIT's easy pay arrangements over 18 months so that the financial hardship is considerably less.
3. Many of our students get their companies to refund for their study investment on successful completion of the course.
4. Your investment in the course isn't wasted on glamorous university buildings and lavish salaries - only the finest and best instructors are there to instruct.
5. You don't waste hundreds of hours travelling to and fro from the lectures and related fuel and accommodation costs.
6. The EIT (and IDC) qualifications are well known throughout the world as job focussed and practical
7. Based on other student feedback, you should see an improvement in your career prospects (although we would be the first to say - we can't guarantee anything)