Here is what some of our graduating students from the Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation had to say about the course:

It was a great course, excellent revision for the topics that I am familiar with. Gained greater in depth understanding for the topics that I am not so familiar with, and with regard to new topics demystified some concepts I had no real grasp on, and in the process learned some practical methods that can be applied straight away." - Deon du Plooy - Tasmania, Australia

“The course has really given me a better understanding of process control and automation. I understand my job and industry better. I can explain the intent behind some engineering designs in the chemical process environment. Because of the depth of understanding and exposure that I displayed, some of my colleagues have registered on some courses with EIT” - Adelodun Adeolu Ayodeji - Chevron Nigeria Ltd

“I am extremely happy I attended this course it has been the best course I have done to date. The information provided has been more than sufficient and the presentations were great, I have applied many of the principles that were taught during this course almost immediately into my practice and it has opened my eyes to pitfalls otherwise hidden from an engineer. I will definitely be attending another course is the near future.” - Henk Barnard - Iritron, South Africa