We recently interviewed Osemudiamen (Ose) Usifoh, a graduate from EIT’s inaugural course – the Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation (DIA01). We were pleasantry surprised to find Ose’s story positive, despite the inevitably unpredictable nature of firsts. As with many of our students, Ose was looking for a course which would provide him with specific skills and professional development in a particular area of engineering – he found what he was looking for through studying with EIT.


Paula Palmer graduated from the EIT’s Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (DEE) in May of 2012. Paula works for the Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd as an electrical engineer in the in the Substations Section of the Distribution Department. One of Paula’s colleagues recommended the course to her, however, the course outline was the convincer as Paula said, “I realized that it would provide me with knowledge which I would not have necessarily gained while studying at university or in my day to day tasks. I especially liked the fact that most of the modules could be applied in my job in the substations section.


One of EIT's South African students, Rephinus Omoro, recently graduated from the Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering. When Rephinus started investigating further study he was working for Kusile Fabrication Pty Ltd, as their CNC Foreman; responsible for programming the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and overseeing the machining production process.
Rephinus finds his work fulfilling however he was looking to upgrade his skills and anticipating opportunities for a promotion. Because he wasn’t able to put work on hold while studying, the EIT became an attractive option; online, flexible and specialising in a range of engineering fields.