Professional Development

The Professional Development Series of courses provide practical trainng for those that want to learn new skills or enhance existing skills. 

Each 3 month training course provides direct skills that can be applied in your workplace.

Construction is the largest industry in the world. Within a Civil Engineering context, ‘construction’ may refer to bridges, dams, earthworks, foundations, offshore structures, pipelines, power stations, railways, retaining structures, roads, tunnels, waterways and water/wastewater infrastructures. within a Mechanical Engineering context, on the other hand, ‘construction’ may refer to airframes, aircraft fuselages, boilers, pressure vessels, motor coaches, railroad...

The quality of groundwater used cannot be compromised any longer and the servicing requirements of on-site sewage disposal systems cannot be ignored. With limited funds available to you, the private owner or regulatory agency who is responsible for inspection, the task of on-site sewage treatment and disposal is becoming very difficult.

With limited funds available to the owners we believe this program will help you to install an effective system. You will learn numerous tips and tricks...

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