The  Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies is an advanced program. It is presented at a considerably higher level than the Advanced Diploma and bachelor degree level programs and intending students should be aware of the greater challenge. This Certificate has identical standing and level to that of a university graduate diploma, but is focused on the career outcomes of a professional engineer and technologist. As the title suggests, it has a greater vocational or ‘job related’ emphasis, and focuses more on developing practical skills that you can apply to the workplace, rather than theory alone.

A feature of this program is that in using web collaborative technologies you will not only study and work with your peers around the world on various renewable energy design projects, but you will do this conveniently from your desktop using the latest techniques in live web and video conferencing. The Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies focuses on the mainstream technologies viz. photovoltaic, wind and small hydro, but also covers other less common technologies such as biomass, osmotic and tide power generation, among others.  The course deals with practical issues of renewable energy that will confront an advanced practitioner in the field. For example, you will be exposed to the modeling and simulation of wind turbines, and the design of wind farms. You will also be expected to undertake advanced design and conceptualisation work in which you will apply the calculations learned in less advanced programs. Some of the work and study you will be undertaking will involve pioneering technology and exploring new approaches. There is a definite ongoing need for highly qualified and skilled specialists in the Renewable Engineering field and this course caters for that need. Upon completing this program you will be able to show technical leadership in the field of Renewable Energy, and be recognised as an advanced practitioner in the field.


  • Advanced skills and know-how in the latest advanced technologies in power generation through Renewable Energy technologies, for professional or highly-skilled work and/or further learning
  • Credibility as an advanced practitioner in Renewable Energy technologies
  • Ability to make independent judgments and high-level decisions in a variety of technical or managerial contexts
  • The knowledge and skills to be actively involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of a range of Renewable Energy power generation systems
  • An EIT Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies

Next intake starts August 10, 2015. There are limited places available.

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Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Potential students include:

  • Practising engineers or technologists with advanced knowledge, experience and education (such as an Advanced Diploma, or undergraduate degree)
  • Practising engineers or technicians with demonstrated competence
  • Engineers or technologists from another discipline (such as mechanical and chemical engineering) wanting to up-skill in this area
  • It would not be suitable for a student with no relevant work experience. We will review your enrolment application and may recommend pre-course studies if required. 

Course Structure

The Graduate Certificate is an intensive part-time program, conducted over 6 months. Unlike other universities or academic institutions, we operate almost all year round without extended breaks between semesters. The course is composed of 4 units, each conducted over 6 weeks.

Unit 1 - Fundamentals and Balance-of-Plant Components
Unit 2 - Small Hydro and Other Renewable Energy Technologies
Unit 3 - Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
Unit 4 - Wind Turbine Systems

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