12 week part-time online proficiency courses for the POWER INDUSTRY

EIT is a leading provider of advanced training and education for experienced personnel in the power industry.
These short (12 week long) proficiency courses suit specific work requirements and may be used (as an option) by an enterprise to authorsie work in a specific role. This is a tailored solution for power industry training.
EIT offers advanced diplomas and above in electrical engineering and related subjects, but often employers and staff do not need a full-length program to provide a formal qualification. The real need is for specific skills and knowledge for a particular role.
EIT's Proficiency Courses offer students:
  • New knowledge and skills related to the power industry
  • Professional development
  • Refresher training
  • Convenient delivery mode over a 12 week period, part time
  • LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE CLASSES blended with some SIMULATION or ON-THE-JOB PRACTICAL EXERCISES - a convenive and cost-effective distance-based solution

Any student with Internet access can join the live online classes. See also "How is the Training Delivered?" below.

These courses are intended for personnel who have some prior qualifications of experience in electrical, instrumentation, industrial data communicationas or related fields. They would not be suited to those who do not have the appropriate background.


The 2015 schedule is listed below. EIT reserves the right to postpone of cancel a course should total applications not reach our required minimum (currently at 5 students).

Maths Skills for Advanced Power Circuit Problem Solving PCM 12 Weeks 13th April
Work, Health, Environmental and Safety Core Knowledge for the Power Industry PCW 12 Weeks 18th May
Report Writing for the Energy Sector PCR 12 Weeks 22nd June
Protection and Testing - Control Systems PCC 12 Weeks 27th July
Protections and Testing - Equipment Overview PCE 12 Weeks 29th August
Development of Switching Programs PCS 12 Weeks 6th October
Protection and Testing - Metering Schemes PCT 12 Weeks 9th November
Network Coordination PCN 12 Weeks 2016
System Outage PCO 12 Weeks 2016
Power Industry Design Overview PCD 12 Weeks 2016


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Each Proficiency Course is delivered online over 12 weeks.

Students are expected to join the once-weekly live online lecture ("webinar”), which is interactive and led by an experienced teacher who is a subject matter expert.

Total weekly time commitment will be in the order of 6 to 8 hours: the live webinar, plus readings, practicals, private study and assignment work. Only the webinar is at a set time each week; times allocated for remaining coursework are the student’s choice.

This blend of a set weekly web-based class with flexible coursework and fixed completion dates for quizzes and assignments is a proven system. It provides a superior structure that helps to ensure each student maintains discipline and completes the required coursework. Students will also receive workbooks or reference manuals (included in the fee) as eBooks. These searchable references are invaluable resource and will be used during the course and afterwards.

There will be a specific website for the course, from which students will be able to obtain their weekly readings, access the practicals if required (via cloud-based labs or simulation), make contact with other students, and more.

A dedicated Course Coordinator will be appointed who will serve as the first point of contact for students who require assistance at any stage of the course.

Assessment will be by two quizzes – one at the half-way mark and one at the end of the program, plus an ongoing written assignment that will be due at the end of the program, and may include some practical work (course dependent).

Students will be provided a Record of Completion document after the course which will show the grade achieved.


If you have any questions or would like to receive an application form, please contact:

Senior Course Advisor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lead Coordinator Power Industry Courses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.