Professional Development

The Professional Development Series of courses provide practical trainng for those that want to learn new skills or enhance existing skills. 

Each 3 month training course provides direct skills that can be applied in your workplace.

Researching and preparing technical documents, especially technical specifications, calls for much effort and time. This program is designed to give you step by step guidance to writing these documents in a professional manner, working within a cost and time framework.

The program will demonstrate techniques to establishing more effective communication between technical and non-technical staff and foster skills relating to problem identification and solutions, plus enhancing skills in...

More and more engineering and technical professionals are making career transitions from product design into project management. This, however, requires formal training and a willingness to learn new skills. All the technical know-how in the world will not deliver a project successfully, i.e. with the required level of quality, within cost constraints and on time, without proper project management skills. Unfortunately very few engineering professionals have any degree of formal project...

Finance courses are among the most frequently requested by engineers and technical professionals. One reason is rapidly advancing technology, increasing project complexity and competitive pressures place enormous demands on you to do the best possible cost estimation and economic evaluation of your engineering projects, products and services. Secondly, people wish to communicate effectively with finance personnel and in the board room, but don’t understand the language.

Finance is...

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